Thursday, January 17, 2008


we must be the only ones around feeding the birds...we have a TON of goldfinches (picture of winter-boy) hanging out at the thistle feeders and they are also eating at the other feeder, they must be eating the millet. we counted 7+ at each of the thistle feeders plus some waiting for a space, man.

i filled the feeder yesterday and then again today...they eat alot.

goldfinches are cool because they can hang upside down and eat from the feeders...and they are pretty. we also have a pair of cardnals and some birds called a yellow rumped bird book says they are also called "butter butts" because they have yellow rumps...what a fun name...and they are cute.

OK, guess i have to get back to data-entry (fun! not)


Thursday, January 10, 2008


i'm done-i'm done-i'm dun-n (singing)

finally life can go back to some what of a normal pace...monday starts guts...i love being a fish-girl sometimes.

now i just need to hang out and be cool and wait for them to make the decisions...sigh...

all that matters at this point is that i am done for now.

the photo was taken in 2006 when f and i went to greece--athens...what fun and how cool to see something that people built SO long ago!

Sunday, January 6, 2008


first, the photo is of Spot helping me study...there was progression, this is the culmination...what helpful cats we have!

tomorrow is the first day of COMPS! i feel like i want to throw up...i am light headed and can't stuff anymore into my reminds me of the far side where the kid with the small head asks to be excused because his brain is full...i can't figure out what to do.

i have everything ready for tomorrow--the geology part...Dr. R accidentally sent me the copy of the questions along with a spread sheet that is necessary for the test...i saw one question (or part of one) then quickly shut it down and asked if he meant to send that was a HUGE temptation to look at the questions and prepare ahead of time for the test...i was a good girl.

let us see where that gets me? i hope not to throw up today or anytime this week and not to cry in front of anyone either, because i could see that happening too. i have been having problems getting to sleep because i can't turn my brain off enough and then i can't wake up because i am so tired and then tomorrow i have a specific time that i need to be up and showered and ready and i just hope i can do it...waaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!

keep breathing...i need to find that necklace the one that says "breathe" and wear it for the next few days...i think i know where it is...

i have also been working on a quilt of Mom is taking shape...f can't figure out how i can work on that when i have this HUGE test hanging over my head...i guess i have to tell her my brain is full and i need some Mom-time...i can't believe all the scraps she saved and also some of the colors/fabrics she was using...i think some of these fabrics are VERY old--like something that she got when she first started to sew or something...weird stuff, but i have been having fun...i have no idea how it will be quilted, but we shall see what it ends up like and how big...when do i stop? i guess i stop when i am done...i am having fun and i have squares from 3 other people in there and some squares that Mom did and some 1/2 finished squares too and i put together some pinwheels from some 1/2-square triangles that she had made, but didn't do anything with...we'll see.

gonna go and be stupid at National Geographic puzzle land--what fun!! enjoy the link...pick and choose--it can be overwhelming < href=>"">

cut and paste if nothing there!

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