Sunday, January 5, 2014

new quilt update...

this is the last picture to end the mystery quilt from new-years day : ) this is with borders and I think it complements the quilt nicely - I really like the "cheddar" or what fonda calls "orange" final size was 81.5" X 70" - a short twin-size : )

Thursday, January 2, 2014

my most recent quilt-top

this was done through a mystery quilt challenge - apparently more then 1500 people did the quilt.

my chosen fabric... I chose to do it in a "scrappy" format...

I messed up with the cutting - cutting the "darks" in squares and the "lights" in rectangles, instead of the other way around : )

then I got to make some cool one-seam flying geese (too cool method that I am gonna keep in my repertoire)!  the only "bad" part was that there were 120 of these puppies and then I had to iron all of them : /   I then had to wait to get the next clue...I wasn't sure how it was going to go together

then the next clue, we had to put 4 together in sets - 30 sets : )

then the long-bits were put together...the blue-green bits were mom-fabric...the yellow is also called "cheddar" haha... were they put together? the double columns are put with the sets of flying geese, in alternate ways - 1/2 of the geese went up and half down - and then arranged as so:

of course, it ended up being 5 squares by 6 (there were 30 sets)...I really like it, I rearranged the light/dark bits of the columns because I mixed up in the original cutting as stated above...I think it would not be as striking if the blue was the ribbon and the yellow was the broken ribbon, but I am not sure - I think it would look good either way : )

I had a good time and it was neat to see other people's color-combos

this is the main thing I did over break...weird, I know...oh well...I had thought to have done more sewing...I did make blocks for another quilt, but it needs a bit more and I ran out of one of the colors - so now I need to find some dark calico fabric to make the missing blocks - I need about 1/2 yard to make it OK - I gotta ask fonda for some assistance in the color-choice.

there is another one that I have been working on for a while - but I am kinda stopped until I get some time to sit down with it and process with it a is a variety of 5.5" blocks that I am far, I have ~30 blocks and my goal is ~100.  time will see - I have a "map" of blocks that I wanna do and these flying geese have given me an idea for how to do one of the blocks...we shall see : )

there is another one that is very small (baby-blanket-size) and now I need to figure out a backing for it...

enough for now...there are other things going on in our world, but I am not going to discuss them now...maybe later...for now - happy new year and...


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