Wednesday, January 27, 2010


doc just told me that i actually have only until march 19 (50 days!) until he gets the entire final draft (OMG!!) i don't expect to post much in the next few week (unless i can't stand it - possible)...yikes!

that's all for now...back to data manipulation in Excel and trying to get things correlated (SPSS - statistics program) pressure/stress.



Thursday, January 21, 2010


i figured it out! nothing really new to say today, except that i had to "read" some html (?) and found the bit that made things centered and i was able to fix them - so there! - hard on the chapter, as you can see...actually i was, earlier.

chapter due tomorrow, meeting with teaching @9am and then supposed to go to QWACs...then back to is coming together in my head, just not on paper yet. it will happen, that is all i know. woke up the other day with a huge light over my head and had to grab the pen and paper i put next to the bed months ago for just such an emergency...glad i the time i got to the computer it would have been gone, but i had the paper and think i made some big leaps in the process and making sense of the data i was working on. anyways...time for bed so i can get up tomorrow and do it all again : )


Wednesday, January 20, 2010


an up-date of the blog (check out the background/header link @ upper left). but can't figure out how to make it non-centered and how to move the heading down so that it is in the middle of the header...well, i will try again next time i need to be writing (all the time). i was doing this just before dinner...the TV was on, so i have a hard time writing...TV is usually off until ~5pm...tomorrow i am up by ~9am and then writing all day because i have a chapter due friday and then next week a draft to my lab group...really excited that things are coming together and i can see the end...scary but i need to think about a job...even more scary (smile).


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

first katie-card of the year

My first card of the year is being sent to my next-oldest sister...she and her husband took on the care of Mom's oldest cat - spunkin. they made the decision recently to euthanize her. she had a good life with them and probably more fun in the last few years than before...they figured out that she was likely allergic to the food she was eating and some other things...they had her on high doses of prednazone...she was good. i know it was a hard decision...she was Mom's cat and...there is not much more to say...she had a good life in CA.

done with our new (came in the mail today) "C is for cat" SU! set, and crushed curry and soft suede papers and crushed curry pen. and then a bit of glitter with the glitter pen to highlight the bell and lines in the "C."

i know they miss her. i do not look forward to the day we euthanize spot (Mom's middle cat)...i actually don't look forward to the day we euthanize anyone...but i firmly believe in quality over quantity.


found funny photo

found this photo on seattle pi (newspaper link) where i view some of my comics...

thought of me and my dissertation (87 days)...can't wait for the cats to try this!

must go and hand in the "application for graduation" today (due by Friday, but why wait?)...gotta find the right building, etc.

and...Howell is hot today...outside is ~60 and inside, prob ~80, had my shirt off for a was approprately closed, no worries.


Monday, January 18, 2010


so...yesterday, after i wrote about my deadline (88 days, now), i got sick...don't know what happened, but started to get chilled and very cold and yucky guts/didn't feel good. took a bit of a nap on the couch, but still chills and v. cold...f finally made the bed and i crawled in and tried to get warm with my down comforter, quilt and red acrylic blanket (6 p.m.)...still shivery and chilled...woke up at 10 p.m. and felt better, too hot...went to the potty then read for a bit and then back to sleep (11:30 p.m.) and woke at ~7 a.m. to potty again then back to sleep until noon...damn.

feeling a bit better now. still chilled, but guts feel better - f has the temp down to be 72F in the kitchen - means ~60 in the hall - i am fully dressed and have socks and a jacket...want a hat and maybe some gloves...getting ready to head to bed again.

made a book for a friend of mine...she is in need of a new note-journal and so i found one in our stash and added some rub-ons and stickers and now it is ready to head to it's new home...probably no photos, but it was neat...a 6x6 book with a fun moon on the front and a spiral that is not really a spiral, you know, i think they are called "c-rings" what ever...i hope she likes it.


Sunday, January 17, 2010

THE countdown

well, i finally did it...i have counted the days until i must have my dissertation submitted to the graduate of today...i have 89 pressure.

the banquet was good, the speaker not so much so...but food and venue and turn-out was good, and we had plenty of posters, and fun people to hang out on to other things. like painting tote bags and making quilts and, oh, writing my dissertation!


Saturday, January 16, 2010

altering a bag know all those bags that are coming out that are woven recycled plastic bags/ know that sometimes they are really ugly, but you feel like you *should* use them to shop, etc...well i just got one recently and it was advertising some apartment community off campus...decided that i would paint it.

i wasn't sure how to start out, but just found some pretty paint, what i have termed "really fancy paints" just because i was board when i labeled the box, and started to paint...

so, i ended up not really liking it, but it is done and i can't really change it much, but i specifically wanted to keep the columns, so i ended up dripping some paint on it and there were times that it was a bit think and wet, but i had a good time, trying not to get it all over myself and my girlfriend, etc.

so...because i didn't really like the front, i changed tactics...i decided that plants and then it went to fish (naturally) and a stupid looking seahorse...but i did it up-side-down, so i can't bitch too much.

this turned out better, but i think it is OK and then i needed to do something on the i decided that a peace sign would suffice, or at least a form of peace sign...

i have more of these bags, but not black...maybe i will paint them too, but we shall

see what happens when i don't quilt?


Monday, January 4, 2010


Humm...October 1, 2007 was the "birth" of this blog...i guess it is beginning the 3rd year...wonder what will come next. supposed to be writing, had the TV on so can't write 2 days, i came up with another quilt top...picture will follow.

i think my girlfriend is frustrated about the fact that i can come up with a quilt in 2 days, but she is struggling with some cool art...what she may not remember is that i have had this planned in my book for a while and then all it needed was for me to figure out how much fabric i needed and find it in the closet...this was all done with closet fabric (yay!!). i am proud. this is another pattern i have been thinking about for a while and just not taken the time to put it together...her art is coming right out of her head...mine has had time to stew and settle in the book and then i get to find the colors i want and make it happen (also only 1 media). she has all this stuff around (way cool stuff, i might add) and she has to figure out how to get it out of her brain and onto the paper that she is wonder it takes her days to get it out...

i love her art-work, it is fun and neat and the things she combines make me smile and think "i would never have done that. Cool!"

anyways, about this blogaversery...guess we shall see how it evolves and changes and now i gotta take a picture of the quilt top and then get it downloaded...posted.

peace for now.

Here it is called "spicy dish":

Sunday, January 3, 2010


many changes comeing for this year...hope to graduate and then i have to get a pressure. i have had a bummpersticker on my car for several is fading and no one can read it at this point...i am the only one who knows what it says at this point and that is:

The Only Constant is Change

life is nothing but fun...huh? change can be fun, scary, overwhelming and neat, but also just fading away...leave a comment about change and consistancy. thanks.


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