Thursday, July 28, 2011

wow, long time no postings

wow, hard to believe it has been six weeks since my last posting...we have been busy little campers - packing to move 125 miles from Greenville to Leland, NC. i will be teaching at Brunswick Community College again this fall/spring. we are all moving - including the kitties and it has been a challenge to get things packed and ready to move. this is an expensive adventure ($2000 for moving, deposits at the "new" house, deposits at the utilities...) it never ends... well, i guess it will, eventually, but then we are likely to have to move again, as i will continue to apply for full-time positions around the SE. i am thinking that we may be keeping the boxes and packing supplies for the next move that i hope will be more permanent.

we can't believe that we have so much *stuff* AND WE GOT RID OF SO MUCH already! wow.

i have not been sleeping well with the worries about the moves and the new semester/classes. i will be teaching BIO 111 and 112 - i may have a second section of 111, but that is TBD still...i will welcome the money, but not necessarily the stress, but i also have to get "used" to the idea of teaching more than 1 or 2 classes : )

more later, but likely not until after the move = august 10! we shall see.


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