Tuesday, February 4, 2014

snow days

hello all, we had some "snow" here...in reality it was more like 2 days of ice - sleet and freezing rain, and now I know the difference (thank you fonda, for getting me to look it up)...

we ended up with campus closed on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday...and Friday morning, but that was not really a big deal for me, as there are no lab classes on Friday.  on Monday afternoon, school was announced to be closed on Tuesday and Wednesday for the Early College High School students (all the K-12 schools in Brunswick County)...we were supposed to have a test on Tuesday - grrrr...oh, well.  so BCC ended up closed as well and then I went out to clean off the car on Wednesday - not too bad, but very cold, so...it took about 20 minutes to clear my car of all the ice - car on and me actively scraping the ice (about 1/2 - 3/4 inch with some "snow" between the layers).  it was thicker on the ground - and it was THICK! when I step on the ice and it doesn't even "think" about cracking, it was thick...and to add to that: it was COLD! especially for *here* but the cats were inside and we had enough propane and we took advantage of Monday to do our (regular, I swear!) grocery shopping.  so because the car was clear, it allowed me to go out on Saturday to the local coffee shop and get coffee and grade some labs that I had been procrastinating in grading...

the students were not happy to come back to the exam, but they (mostly) did OK, at least the ones that took it yesterday - we shall see about the ones that took it today...and I will post about that later. 

that being said, we may be heading up to ohio again soon, fonda's sister is not doing well and is currently in the hospital -  stage IV lung cancer.  we found out about it on NYEve, and didn't realize how far along she was in the illness...no one knew until she called cathy in the middle of the night and was "talking crazy" - apparently she is having some "sundowner" kind of dementia and wakes up not knowing where she is and is not cooperating/combative (in the hospital) and so she has been restrained and then not known why...it is not a good situation, and we are just having to wait and see....no fun...

enough for now - and the battery of my laptop is about 20%, so I need to finish up and power-down.  peace to you-all.

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