Monday, February 13, 2012

been sick...

been sick and actually had to cancel class two days last week - man, that was bad! - i really missed teaching and now we are really far behind - sigh.

anyways - haven't had much time for quilting - just working on school-stuff and still looking for FT employment - been a bummer so far, but i am having a good time here at BCC and in NC (i LOVE NC!), but, i have been applying all up and down the east coast and a little bit inland - do not really want to go out west - but i guess i will if i have to.  and fonda says she will go where ever i go, so it can't be that bad, right?

life is good, minus the small version of the snot-monster i have hanging out in my head - but even that is shrinking and my voice is losing it's raspiness, OH, and fonda and i have been accepted into the BFIT program at the college's fitness and aquatic center - we start tomorrow - they will give us a gym membership for 12 weeks and teach us how to do the machines and help us with some nutrition-classes, etc.  i am excited and a bit scared to do this, but i am glad we are doing it together.

i have lost a few pounds in the last 2 months (probably, really because i was sick and wasn't eating like i should have been in the last week or so) i guess that is a start.  and my bathing suit still fits and hasn't started to deteriorate too much - so, i should be able to swim through the BFIT program.

ok, i will know more tomorrow and will keep you informed (eventually) and without a cat attached to my hand making it hard to type.  wren is currently *lying* on my left hand and making it really hard to shift or anything - but she is *so* cute...(big eye-roll) : )


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