Monday, December 2, 2013


here it is a few months later and I tried to go up the light with my sister and my nephew (they came in October for fall-break)...didn't happen, again.  but we had a great time playing around SE NC : ) 

thanksgiving was not as hard as in the past, but still...we hid at home and didn't answer the phone. I felt a little bad, but really didn't want to talk.  no one really knows what thanksgiving was like for us when mom was alive and the drifty-ness of not having that anymore.  we plan to arrange our own new traditions - similar to what we did with mom, but not yet.  we need to be more settled and less feeling like we are in a temporary situation.  *I* am not ready yet.

so now, classes are almost over for the it is December 2 and classes are over on the 16th...time flies

frustrated on the job search...but I will not give up.

on another note

we have a half-cat - he is really the neighbor's but she will not let her cats inside because of her leather couch.  he is a yellow-tabby kitten and he is very sweet, and we feel bad that he is outside on really cold nights...the neighbor knows that he sometimes hangs out in our house and has come looking for him on occasion.  don't know what we will do if he gets hit by a car or attacked by a another animal...been thinking about spending the $$ to get him checked out to be sure our kitties remain healthy, too.
ok, enough complaining for now...

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