Tuesday, February 12, 2008

quote from a friend...how true...


Saturday, February 9, 2008

weird weather

(get over the spelling errors in this post, can't get the spell check to work)

this photo is of the anoles we have in the area...this was taken in june 2007, but they are the cutest lizards and this one was hanging out in the tree right outside the middle room of our house...what a cutie...we have some others that hang out on the front porch and a differnt kind with blue on them too, much faster than the anoles, too but they don't seem to climb as much either.

it has been really nice for the last few days...we even had the windows open on wednesday to get some stinks blowed out of the house. the birds are ravionous!! i do not know when it will end...we spend more on the birds than the cats, I think. but it is worth it...they are really neat to see...we have a RWBB (red-winged black bird) boy out there now, i have seen a RWBB girl too, but not today.

the land lord tore down his two barns across the street...and a bunch of trees...sigh...he said that he is going to "landscape"...I think that means that he is going to lay sod. he is also going to build a more modern barn to put his boat and trailer into...i guess he is not going to have livestock again. as they were taking down the trees and the barns, everything over here was ratteling, a little disconcerting, but we survived. it was amazing to see them pull down the first barn, it took about a week to get all the pieces down and removed to flat land, the other one was done with a big yellow machine...with a clasper-shovel thing and took 1 day! sigh...i wonder if they are going to take down the barn over here? if they do, i am going to request that we get a small shed to put some of our gardening stuff and the wagon into. we shall see what happens...i am not sure if that will happen or not, but once they get the new barn built, then their stuff in this barn is likely to head over there...why not remove this barn too?

OK...i have heard back from 3 profs re: my exams...2 up-thumbs (81 and 85%) and one down-thumb (from the meanie who i think is still trying to prove something) and one who has not yet read it...my main advisor!?! i am planning to print off a copy for him on monday, if he hasn't read it yet! what a pain. i don't know what the next step is and i don't know what he will think of it, anyways...sigh...well, there it is...i haven't been telling anyone because i haven't heard from all 4, of course the 1st i heard from was the down-thumb...what a ego-bruser. sigh.

almost time to do out an re-fill the feeders for the birds, and go get more cat food too. smile. i just filled it yesterday evening.

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