Thursday, May 17, 2012

wow, has it been that long??

i am surprised to see that it has been so long since i posted - classes are over and things are going into the summer...i am heading off to Colorado to visit family - niece margo is graduating from high school. i am looking forward to seeing everyone - it has been several years since i have been out there - i guess it was when my sister elizabeith and her then fiancee had a bit of a party there - i got to meet james for the first time and i guess that was7 or 8 years ago - they got married @ las vegas with two friends as witnesses...

since that time, my niece and nephew (and all of us, too) have aged a few more years and they have moved to a place in sedalia where the horse can live, too - and a few goats and a new horse...what is in my mind is probably nothing like what is there in reality - i will find out in two days...i wish fonda was going with me, but she is staying home a looking after the kitties...sigh.  she has never been to CO and i wish she could see the mountains, but i also worry about her and the possible altitude difference between sea-level and one-mile-up...some day...

we have had at least two hummingbirds at the feeder and there are four kittens making a home in the grass-catcher bag of the lawn mower...this is 100% my fault for not putting it in the shed, but it is very cute to see them there:

two boys, two girls - they hiss and spit like crazy, and are even making themselves big at us - they are still less than a pound each!

this one is my favorite (a boy):

and, no! we are not going to adopt any of them, they are just cute and we are trying to get them not to be so feral - momma is willing to be within about five-feet of us, but not any closer.  they have been up next to the house for about a week and we have NOT named them - all is well : )

the woman who lives up front is the one who is being responsible for them, she is planning to get the kittens to a shelter after the first of the month, and get momma spayed (i hope that happens SOON!, already the boys [her brothers] are sniffing around her and hanging out)...she would like to keep the boys, but the "girls have gots to go!"  she is willing to support the colony, but no more kittens! (i feel like i have won at some level - she got the first momma (tulip) spayed, now only one daughter remains (thump) - and then we just have boys spraying everywhere and looking funny with their big heads)

OK - that is enough for now...i will post pictures of the most recent quilts done on the next post : )


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