Monday, December 10, 2012


today was Mom's birthday...sigh...thinking about her off and on all day...

thrusday is the last day of the semester (!).  i have signed my contracts for next semester and i am looking forward to break and then starting thing all over again...i have got to ask how to make sure the semester don't run together and make me think i have talked about something that we have not covered yet...i am sure it is just as frustrating to the students as to  there has to be a trick some where, huh?  i will ask around.

 i have been making pocket kitties (and a pocket puppy) from The Red Boot Quilt Company ( ) she is AWESOME and has some really cute patterns - very heavy on the applique, but a lot of fun and really cute.  i can't wait to make more - so far i have been working with fake-fur and "minkie" fabric and they are really cute, but they were originally devloped for "flat" fabric and they are still cute...they have a built-in kickstand : )  their tails : )  i will make more and post photos as i take them...she has also posted a pattern for a cute bird (free!), so check out her blog at the above address and you can find a link to her store for patterns in paper and pdf format - the pdfs are pretty aware that she is in Australia and therefore a WAY different time-zone than us here in North Carolina : )...she will contact you back ASAP... she is fun and nice and neat and she has a very dry sense of humor (based on email conversations and blog-reading)...hope she is really a nice person, she is very creative...

anyways - here are the photos of the first Kleber pocket kitty... front and side (showing kickstand) - they are only about 3 inches tall               =^..^=

ok...the end of the semester can't come fast enough, but is coming too soon...and then the crazyness of the holidays and all that jazz...wonder if we can go on a blackout of all the crazies? probably not, as some of them are our families (haha!). 

wishing that one of my students had not doused their study-guide with a blob of perfume of some kind - it is 3 feet away and in the middle of a stack of papers ~1.5 inches thick and i can still smell it!  wow!  thank you that i do not live with that student!

ok - enough for today.  missing mom, overwhelmed by the end of the semester, and a friend in the hospital for a reason we are not sure of yet (thoughts and love to her!), and then to add to that: all that i need/want to do...sigh...all i can do is keep breathing : )  and remember the what the white rectangle on the back of my care *used* to say "the only constant is change" (from Mom)...


Sunday, December 2, 2012

hope springs II

well, i have an interview tomorrow afternoon (via Skype)...we shall see...i am not even sure i want the job, but it sure would be fun (in Maine, teaching a VERY small group of girls) and i know i would learn A LOT... 

at the same time, i am still applying for other jobs - in IL - who knows, it sounds like an awesome place to work (big community college) with tenure well as NC, PA, etc.

who knows...

just a little up-date

and a cool sera-eye picture - i swear she was not crabby, she was on my lap : ) (taken with my iPad).


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