Saturday, January 14, 2012

sewing for school 4 was i?

oh, yeah, electrons...and then attaching them to atoms - here is a preview of my carbon atom with only five valance electrons - you can see the snap where the other electron will go once it is attached to both the hydrogen (white [1proton/1electron]) and the carbon (black [6p/6n/2e interior/4e valence])

(note about colors: hydrogen is usually depicted as a white sphere, carbon as black, oxygen as red, chloride as green, and sodium as various colors - purple is the one i chose)

and the (almost) completed methane molecule (CH4 = one carbon and four hydrogen atoms)...

the hydrogen atoms (i wanted them to be more round, but now they just look like little white potatoes - sigh) without any indication on them yet...

water (H2O - one oxygen [8p/8n/8e total] and two hydrogen) indicating the protons and neutrons in the nucleus of the oxygen and indicating the covalent bonds that hold them together.

a close-up of the oxygen atom (there are six valence electrons and space for two more once the hydrogen get hooked up)

the chloride and sodium atoms stuck together in the ionic bond that forms after chloride steals the electron from the sodium... [17p/18n/17e @ nutral chloride] but becomes an anion --> 18e and negative one charge.

a close up of the sodium ion [11p/11n/10e --> positive one charge] showing where the 11th electron was before chloride was so rude as to steal it (smile) (up-side down = "above" the "P" you can see the snap piece).

so that was what i did over my holiday break...and i get to use them on tuesday - we shall see if it helps the students understand what the heck i am talking about...


Saturday, January 7, 2012

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

sewing for school 3

electrons, electrons everywhere!

from this mess of embryonic electrons:

i used the way to braid 4-strands from ""> to start the process of making electrons:

after a few rounds i added a bell (electrons are negatively charged and i think they must sound bright, like a bell...) the end, there are these tails...i ended up super gluing them to strand under it

now, here is the pile of embryonic electrons along with some of the completed ones...

now to attach the "female" part of the snap to the electrons and the "male" part to the atoms and i will have my bits!! (i still need to make four more electrons - sigh)


Wednesday, January 4, 2012

sewing for school 2

sew...i have made two chlorines (~7.5" square), five carbons (~5.5" square), two sodiums (~5.5" square), four oxygens (~5.5" square)...

now fluffed, with half of a hydrogen for size-comparison...

a pile of un-made hydrogens (~3.5" square)...

and a bunch of embryonic electrons:

more later : ). peace

sew IId...

i made the 25-patch blocks (i decided to make it 8x7 = 56 blocks...and here they are - all 56! (i am glad i reduced the number)

looks like a mess, huh? but they are really all there, i swear : )

details of one block:

now: for the 9-patch blocks - i have 23 done of the 42 that i need and i still do not know what i will use for the between-the-blocks has to be tone-on-tone or something subtle like that - i just have not taken the time to search the stash for something appropriate...gotta' finish the 9-patch blocks first : )

i still think the 2" squares are having "fun" and multiplying when i am not looking - i have decided to put them away for a bit and focus on school-related stuff for a while...on that note, check back tomorrow (or some time soon) and you will see the update on the sewing for school project...i have a few electrons to make still, but it is progressing well - but i need more *stuff* (bells and snaps) to make the additional atoms - but i will work on those later (like over the summer, if this works out the way i am hoping it will) i am just happy to have one set for now and we shall see... : )

oh! i went to see the girl with the dragon tattoo and it was *very* like the book - complete with uncomfortable sex-scenes that were hard to read about and very hard to see...glad i didn't go with my dad or someone like that - though they may enjoy the movie, too, it would have been very awkward to see that with them. if you have not seen it, i would recommend you go and see it while it is still in the big-screen and not wait until it comes out on DVD.

the only problem i had was that there was 20 minutes of advertising and previews before the movie began - it was supposed to start @1:50pm and it ran for ~2:45 - i had to go to the bathroom! and we didn't get out until almost 5:00. i was irritated by all the commercials before the movie (for TV shows, cars, Coke/Diet Coke, etc.). do we not get enough of that at home? i guess one captive audience is as good as another, huh? sigh. i guess that is something i have missed by being poor and not going to see the movies, huh? not missing too much, but i do enjoy seeing some movies in large-scale - Harry Potter would not be the same on my laptop or something like that.

ok! enough rambling - peace and happy new year!

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