Saturday, January 26, 2013

here we go...

so...i found out on thursday (i should not check my email in class, even if the students were working on their own to fill out the review for the exam...) that a friend of mine had died.  the husband-wife team (Rick and Lori) of my favorite quilt store, Rick died...i am so sad for lori and for the family...this was a surprise - she sent an email around 3 a.m. saying they are at the hospital and then second one at around 9 a.m. saying that he had died.  i am sad.  he was not old enough (is anyone old enough?)...he was in his 50s! tomorrow is the visitation...we are heading up to wilson, nc to see lori and be sad.  i wish there was something we could do to help her...suggestions welcome. 

on other points - i figured out that i have applied to at least 100 different places in the last year...i also figured out that one place i interviewed (but did not get offered the position) hired someone from Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute (read: TONS of experience and at an AWESOME school!) - i can't believe that i was in competition with someone with that kind of back i guess that there is something to that - i have the power, but i also have a lot of competition...



Wednesday, January 2, 2013

new year...(duh!)

well, it is a new year...and nothing much has changed.

gearing up for the next semester - starts on monday-next.  i have already done soem things on moodle, the web-based course communication tool that bcc uses...i need to try to catch up more now than at the last minute...need to make a saturday/sunday pledge to be sure that the next week is visable to students - i suppose i could make it all available, but i like to make changes...we shall see.

finally read stranger in a strange land and it was really good - i can't believe that i didn't read this quite some time ago...robert heinline is really a neat author, he has some good imagination...

gonna go and do more stuff - or not : )


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