Monday, December 8, 2008


this was what it looked like after i had run the sample through the seives (the copper things)...i think this is from a striped bass, but it could be a spot. i spent a lot of time running water through these things--what fun!
i have no idea what this is, but i have seen many of them in the guts of spot (a type of fish) and it is cool...i have called it a "itch ball" but i know i need to figure out what it really is...i have a vote for a sponge "spicule"--part of a sponge, but i am not is hard and fractures when you press it...they are kind'a large (relitively, visable to the naked eye [but not the clothed one]) too...

I have finally finished my guts (for now)!!! i hope to have all of it entered by the end of the week...maybe by wednesday or thursday. that would mean that i could start getting the data analysed next week and see if i have to do more guts (man, i hope not!) but if i do, i will (back of the hand to the forehead and heavy, dramatic sigh).

it snowed 2 weeks ago (slightly!) and that was when mom-cathy and gordon came to town again (it has been WAY TOO long since we saw them!). It was a treat to see them, but also sad, they came on the anniversary of mom's death,'s birthday is the day after tomorrow, too. i was thinking about getting/making a small birthday cake in her memory, we shall see.

tomorrow will be a data-entry day, i am not sure if i will finish, it depends on if i stay home (cats, TV and fonda as distractions), or go out ($$) and work without the 3 previously named distractions, but the internet remains, no matter what...i love part of the "music genome" project, it takes some suggestions and then comes up with other, related music then you can say +/- and it will change your is fun, because there is NO commercials and if you don't want to hear christmas music, you do not have to! or country, regge, classic rock, what ever you don't like...mine started as a beatles station and has made some odd, but good variations...i am more likely to hit the "+" than the "-" but there are some times when i think "what the heck were they thinking?"

ok, i can't think of another thing at this point to talk is late and i am tired. PEACE. K

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