Tuesday, May 24, 2011


ok, so i have joined the skype-gang. now i have talked with my sister (pi) and my dad...now, if we can just get fonda to hookup and andy/tracey too...then we would be in bussiness...and a job...i'm just saying...i have applied for several more jobs and still i wait...i really don't want to go back to living at sheri's and fred's i think they would make me crazy in another month or two - just want to be safe and sane and sober.

ok...enough rambling...peace.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

well...yet another rejection (x2)

well, i finally heard from polk college in winter haven, fl. of course i knew what the news was - thank you, but no thank you. now if they would just send the reembursement check...

another rejection letter came in the mail - also not too surprising...butt...i also have a phone interview scheduled for tomorrow (monday)! also, i am meeting up with terri to talk about the division of the paper into two...this has had us stumped for a while now...i am not sure how to ask her to reduce the amount of information she wants in this paper and maybe keeping it for the next one - soon?

we shall see what happens - i will report about the phone interview later. it is with francis marion university in florance, SC - about 3.5 hrs from here...sounds like a good place to be - it is a one-year contract, with the option to extend up to two more years - it would be a great "foot in the door" and it seems like a really neat group of people, too. more later.


Monday, May 2, 2011

a bit of disapointment

sigh. i received a "down-thumb" from the as-close-to-dream-job (in PA) as i have found so far...they are keeping my application active until they make the final choice/choice is accepted...but i am disapointed.

not only would this have been the close-to-dream-job...but it also would have been closer to ohio and fonda's family - we do miss them and part of me (and fonda, too) would like to be closer to them. but it is also nice to live in NC and near the beach...

ok, so i am still waiting to hear from FL and i have sent out 5 more applications, so it is just a game of sit and wait, i guess...but i am getting tired of this and would really like to be settled, but you-all have heard this old song from me before, so i will shut up now.

peace. sigh.

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