Saturday, March 27, 2010

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (#2)

it is sent to the committee, all 143 pages/3MB. without appendices. it is backed up on two thumb-drives and i will be heading over to both the other laptop and fonda's desk top to put copies on them as well. freaks me out! but i will live...gotta go feed the birds (smile).


Friday, March 26, 2010


damn everything back from doc, now just working out the details before submitting the whole thing to the the moment, it stands at 143 pages, double spaced, etc. includes cover sheets, etc. i think it will gain at least one more as i still need to write an overall abstract...sigh...have an email out to doc to see about adding appendices to it before it is sent to the committee...that will require a bit more in terms of details...sigh...we shall see...more to come...

and i haven't gotten a chance to get photos of the quilts i have been working on while i two was the planned and the other was a last-minute addition. i like the addition better than the planned one..oh, well. got some excellent backing fabric for the small one and 30% off - yay! ok...bed time, my fingers are not nails are too long, too...sigh.


Friday, March 19, 2010


here i sit...drafts to doc...2 back and edited...3 still with him...his daughter gets married tomorrow...i have one quilt that i think still needs something...and one i wasn't even trying to make that is pretty much done, a small quilt for a baby or someone...i have nothing to edit...i am thinking about working on the powerpoint for my defence, but i am not sure it will happen if doc doesn't get things back to me soon...i still need to get it to the committee, defend and make changes and then submit to the grad school by ~april 11 (the requested a few days early, if possible for PhD students so they can cross all their "t"s and dot all their "i"s)...time is running out and i am a freaking out (quietly) and here i sit twiddling my damn thumbs...and slowly pulling all the brown hairs i have out to be replaced with gray...(maybe not, but feels like it might help)...and using way too many "..." things in this post...oh, well. get over it. i need a massage and a trip to the beach...maybe after the 16th? oh, and taxes haven't even been started...and f is still sick and has no voice...the list goes on, but i will end it here...breathe!


Monday, March 15, 2010


hay! i finally got all my grading i should get the draft back from doc this afternoon and all the pieces that i have been grading back to the students and the back to editing.

got to quilt a bit yesterday...found all my fabrics and then cut them up and put them back together in a different way...still in 20 pieces, but better than the 160 they were when i was finished cutting them up. pictures to follow, but now it is all about making them "random"...moving them around until they look like they weren't placed that way, you know "random." that is part of the 'fun' of quilting...why must i like more scrappy quilts and not just all the same block/fabric quilts? the curse of pretty fabric.

today is the first day for tevas! but it is still a bit chilly, but i have to take the students out in the field today and it will be wet, so better wet feet in tevas than wet feet in something else that won't dry as nicely...sigh...i just hope they stay warm, like they have in the past, as long as they stay on my body, my feet should be moderately warm, or at least not clammy...i hate wet socks.'

anyways...more to come in a while.


Saturday, March 13, 2010 back to grading

so...doc has all my chapters (yikes). he is reading mine, another graduate student, who defends on monday and then a grant proposal due on monday too. oh, and his daughter is getting married in a week. like he has no stress, either...but now i feel a bit less stressed...slept for ~12 it is time to catch up on all the grading for my lab that i have been putting off...and look, here i am doing it

grading can be fun, just requires a bit of that i have nothing due for the weekend, i am going to knock these out and then tomorrow, maybe take some time to sew!! i can't wait! bought some fabric yesterday for a project that has been on my brain for quite some time...requires 20 fat-quarters of different fabric and about the same of a green...i will post picts when i actually finish...but i also hope to have edits from doc on monday afternoon and then make those changes and then send it to the committee and then defend in the next two weeks or so...we shall see. OK enough scatter-brain...gotta grade these things so i can have fun.


Tuesday, March 9, 2010


i can truly understand the whole "ABD" (all but dissertation) thing about now...three chapters to doc and now what is left is the wrap-up (conclusion) and an over-all introduction. gotta chat with doc about how to approach the conclusion chapter...just a bit frustrated about how to start...i know kinda what i want to say...but it is going to be a conclusionary chapter, not a formal chapter and it is really kinda stumping me for a bit...maybe tonight/tomorrow will bring a can only hope...sigh...

and i went to get my teeth cleaned today...all looks well, except that "crack" on one of my my first crown last fall...and a "bite-splint" to keep me from gritting my teeth at night...hope that helps to not make the crack worse...what fun? anyone have a place where i can teach when i am done...job search after conclusion chapter...more fun! i am hanging-in, just tired.


Sunday, March 7, 2010

still here

hay, still here...just fun...wanna go to the beach...sigh...soon, soon!


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