Monday, December 13, 2010

OMG!! A job!

well, i have accepted my first true teaching is PT (2 classes, 6 hours/week each) and it is ~3 hours away, but i will be teaching for the whole semester! i go to meet the department chair on thursday (yay) and we will get classes set up and the paperwork done, etc. i am a bit excited - i have downloaded the official syllabus and after thursday i will be developing my own and starting to make the lectures, etc.... i am just a bit excited and f is sleeping...YAY!!

breathe - now i need to find a place to stay on the days i will be staying over - i do not enjoy the idea of a 3 hour commute/day so i need to find a place to stay...who knows - maybe this will be the foot in the door i need to stay in the area (actually it is closer to the ocean and near SC boarder) - still looking for a full-time position, but as doc suggested: this is a good way to see if this is really what i want to do and the other jobs will wait for me if they really want here we go...classes start on january 7th, but my first class will not meet until the 10th (monday). YAY!

this picture just makes me happy - cowfish


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

"the power of ugly" taken from UglyOverload

amazing what one eel can do! behold...the power of eel!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

back in the loop (?)

hay...and other stuff for horses (and their pals)...i was just hanging out and enjoying being out of the loop and then i realized that it is almost the end of the year. i have been feeling not so sad about this time of the year...Mom and all...this year has been different. graduating, looking for a job and life-perspective has had a bit to do with things. i still miss mom, but not as dramaticly as i have in the past. dramaticly isn't the right word, but close enough for now.

i have been looking for a job...(duh)...and i have been applying places i never thought i would go (northern IL?!), but i am still holding out hope for someplace closer to the warmer part of the atlantic ocean (read: southern). i have a cohort who will be moving to DC in january and a friend who just got a fishery job up in alaska and will be moving there in january (silly girl! [not really, she will have a great time, but...alaska?...january? - what is she thinking????}]) it my turn yet? i know it will be, and thanks to mom, i am not freaking out about $ yet (THANKS MOM!!) and i just need to get out of the house and feel productive about working, etc. i have been "subbing" or "guest lecturing" for Dr. O and Dr. R this semester and that has been fun, but i want my own class that i can make the decisions and rip my hair out because of that...i have enjoyed the experience, but i am ready to go out on my own in those terms.

Ok, enough whining.., : ) below is a picture from National Geographic that i just love!! it is a mudskipper and one of my first "favorite fish"...there have been many over the years and there will be more to come, i am sure...but enjoy the picture of this, one of my favorite fish...from Africa and they can "walk" out of the water, hence: mudskipper with cheeks bulging with water to breathe :)

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