Sunday, August 5, 2012

first - the kittens have "disappeared" i think either by adoption (what i *want* to think); or by being eaten by some random raccoon or dog - there have been some stray dogs in the area and it is possible they could not get away fast enough; or hit by a car on our street (highway 17! - posted 55mph [ha!]) - tough as that is to hear, that is why we have indoor-only cats.  there are mean people out there and starving animals that need to eat, too...that is why i urge people to 1) have only indoor cats (they eat a lot of small animals in the "wild," even if they are well-fed), and 2) spay and neuter your is amazing the number of babies one female (dog or cat) and her offspring can have and it can be absolutely devastating to the small wildlife in the area.

ok, after that "awesome" i promised photos of the totes - they are soon to be on the way to CO and my sister Meg...but here are some of them (a total of 15 bags were sent and a total of 17 totes were made):
the "Grain" one is one of my favs

just for meg, et al.

i am offering to make some for meg and her work - if someone has a specific bag they want to have done, i will do that - they need to be clean and dry and then it should not take long to get the totes out.
this last one is going to be sent to my friend kay at Chocowinity Chicken Sanctuary  she does a lot of good for chickens and they live a full and healthy/happy life at her place (or some of her friends').  

i am offering to make some of these for her (they are not hard, as long as the bags come to me clean [smile]) for the sanctuary - they are a 501(c)3 non-profit and she has a chicken named Doreen that is an Aruwana (i think this how it is spelled) they are know as the "Easter egg chickens" because they lay green-blue eggs...and she looks like the two brown hens on the package...and i have gotten some of her eggs (thank you Doreen!)

anyways - now there is a quilt i am working on - it is a remnant quilt from mom. she did 4/20 of the cats and i have done the other 16 - i need some more fabric (gasp!) - we don't have any fabric that goes with it at this point - want a medium-light cream (beige - fonda says).   mom did the top 4 - they are not the same as the bottom 16 and they have different colors between their ears : ) but that color was purged quite a while ago and so we have had to "make do" and i think we are doing ok with it...the hard part will be appliqueing the tails - oh well, i guess that is what i will be doing when i should be preparing for biology class...(haha!)

ok- now it is past midnight-thirty and i need to go to bed - so good night and peace.

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