Sunday, May 5, 2013

tomorrow is the last day...

of the semester...sigh.  and I am still waiting to hear from 3 places about work in the fall - and I am assuming that no news is bad news for me...good news for someone else, but not for me.  I had such big hopes and it has been very frustrating doing this job-search thing for all the time I have been doing it.  I want it to end...but I guess I will continue to search. 

what do these people want? I have no clue as to what they are looking for.  do they want me to be more-better than I am? I can work on that.  I certainly hope that it is not that I am fat, though I understand that it might cause them some consternation of health-issues...but I am healthy, able-bodied and capable, my weight should make no difference, but I am afraid that the last place I interviewed it might have been an issue - I am not sure if the assumptions were because it was a rainy day or because they did not think I could walk the distance without having an issue.  I can and did walk around, up/down stairs, etc.  I didn't have a problem...except for the stupid sweat/hot-flash stuff...frustrating because I had no control over the sweating, even if I had been in an a/c bubble I would have been sweating - grrr...oh, well.  they will never tell me if that is the issue because they are supposed to be non-discriminatory (eye-roll)...oh well. 

ok - just needed to vent a bit...I know it will happen someday, but I wish it would happen more soon.

getting ready to quilt and craft and prep for fall at BCC...summer...


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