Saturday, September 6, 2008

the aftermath of TS hanna

well, we survived...the power didn't even go off...sigh. i guess we just have to wait for the next one, huh? i am not really sad...but it feels like a build-up to a big winter storm that should close school and put people into isolation...and then there is just a skin of snow on the ground in the morning. oh, well. sometimes it is better to be disappointed. : )

i woke up ~3:00am and heard the rain and saw some of the trees being wiped around, but nothing really bad! more like a thunder storm, but without the thunder and was kind'a boring...but like i said, it is sometimes better to be disappointed. ok, more later.

Friday, September 5, 2008

here she comes...tropical storm/hurricane hanna

i have never been through a hurricane, this one is not supposed to be big, it may not even be a formal hurricane (74+ mph sustained winds)...we have already gotten some rain ~3/4 inch just in ~2-3 hours. they are predicting up to ~4 inches by tomorrow afternoon. tornado watch is also happening until ~5am ...peak of the storm "gusts 35-55 mph, rainfall 2-4 inches" what fun. and there is another one behind "her" ike may head to the gulf of mexico, but it could also take a right at the bahamas and head up here. that one has been a category 4 and is now a 3, but could get strong again (katrina was a 5) (5 is the maximum # they go to). the cars are in the back, the trash cans are laying down near the house and the glass-topped table is upside down near the house too. we are hoping that that is all we need to worry about.

i can't believe that almost all the bread and water and probably the milk is gone from the grocery stores! the other day, alot of bread was missing from the shelves, i thought that there was something wrong...this was WAY before hanna was a threat...i don't understand people. i understand that there is a chance that we might lose power and phone, but this is just weird. it is kind'a like in ohio when a huge snow is predicted! but this is different, too.

oh well. enough for now

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

time flies/boring life

damn, i didn't know it had been so long since i posted! i have been working on guts and today is a DE day. i have more than 20 to enter and it takes so is really boring work. gotta get back to work soon.

but, until then, i have been having some problems with my hips and knees...think it is because i am fat...we shall see...have a dr. appt to check things out. don't know why it would hit kinda' "out of the blue" oh well.

i am teaching this far it has been fun, but draining! i expect it to continue in this vein for the whole semester...and maybe next semester too. we shall see...there is nothing happening in my life except guts, DE and teaching....boring!

sigh. another cute picture of steve is attached...he is doing so much better with the prozac--very small dose and it seems to be making him OK with his lot in life and he is not peeing outside the box now (yay!) ok more later. peace

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