Monday, March 28, 2011

the newest addition to the quilt family

the fish lasagna quilt: mixture of machine and hand-quilting - background is machine quilted - this quilt started as a fun quilt for lasagna and then i felt like it was just a good background...decided that because all of the fabrics were "asian" fabrics, that i needed a good "asian" theme - a koi and moon...

a bit closer to the head: you can see some of the hand-quilting

and the eye...i messed with the eye...using #8 Pearle cotton with some sparkly stuff with it woven (satin stitch) and then back-stitched to define the eye...if you know me, you might have expected to see two eyes on the same side of the head, but i just couldn't do it and make the fish still look more real...sigh.

around the bottom edge are hand-stitched symbols for "water" and "koi fish" and the elemental symbol for "water" (not pictured, but think of an upside-down triangle)

around the top edge are symbols for "air" and "wind" and then the elemental symbol for "air" (not pictured, but it is a triangle with a horizontal line through the top)

the following should be turned 90-degrees clockwise, but couldn't get it to happen at this point...oh, well, you get the idea

i am really happy with how this turned out and i am proud that this is my work.


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

link to simon's cat (C)

I love this guy and his cat "simon's cat" on youtube!

easy to get caught up in his stuff - my total fav is:

have fun being brainless.


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

so, ok...

now i had "spring break" and that was busy, but different kind of busy.

i had a job interview in Winter Haven, FL - Polk State College. an up-and-coming community college that has had something close to 10% growth each year for the last few years and they are looking for (tenure track!) professors to start in August. i was excited by a phone interview...then they called about an in-person interview and i was over the moon...i was also lucky that it was spring break last week and i was able to fly down on thursday and then back on friday. they are reimbursing me for travel and so all is well. i am really excited, but i am trying not to obsess about it. there are a few other people who are also being interviewed for this position. i am hoping i made a good impression and indicated that i am really excited to jump in and get busy with the job. i am keeping some fingers crossed just in case.

i was also a dork because i forgot to send them a thank you card while i was home...fonda ended up sending me one and i just sent it out this morning. i, of course, didn't write it out before writing on the card and had to make a few changes to the card before it could go out...thank god i bought some cardstock. fonda made it and it is pretty and she did some edits to get it ready to go to them - like a "thanks so much" and a swirly to cover a blip...if she would have just waited until i got my hands on it, she wouldn't have been worried about a blip. : )

now i have to send out the receipts so that i can get some kind of reimbursement. i really do not know when they will make the decision, but i am going to remain on some kind of pin or needle until i hear thumb-up/thumb-down.

oh, i have made 2 quilts since i have been here - one for quilts for kids and one for my housemate's new grand-baby (to be born soon). they chose the fabric and i made it. want to make some kind of blankie for gma and ggma using the same fabric, but i haven't gotten to that point yet. also, i have my fish lasagna quilt-top done, sandwiched and envelope-stitched now it is pinned and i will be stitching the waves/wind soon...and i have donna's quilt picked and re-pinned to be sewen and sent to of these days. i am happy about being able to quilt the darn things, mostly i have been doing straight-line quilting, but for the fish lasagna quilt it will be some free-form waves...maybe today...sigh...

i think i am ready for the next week's classes and lab so now it is all about getting things done so we stay ontime for the end of the class and not too rushed.

wanna quilt more than read for class, but i understand the process...also the stress about the job in FL. i have gotten so many rejections and then to have this interview and then that kind of stuff...anyways...all i really need to do at this point is keep breathing and there is nothing else i can do at this point, but keep wishing : )

peace and breathe...i will post pics of the baby quilt soon, forgot to take a photo of the quilt for kids quilt. and then the fish lasagna.

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