Sunday, May 18, 2008

free rice--or: your mom always told you about the "starving childern in (name a place)" now you can do something to help

hey, i just figured out that it takes 19,200 grains of rice to feed one person for one day...that's a lot of rice. check out the link to the right and increase your vocabulary and donate rice to people who need it. this is a UN function and it is easy to donate by playing a vocab game...test your smarts. the highest level i have been to is 45. the highest you can get is 60. they say that most people don't go above 50. i have been averaging somewhere in the mid to high 30s. let me know what your scores are (smile). help to reduce hunger in places that have high levels of starvation. i know your mom always told you about the starving childeren somewhere, so you could be guilted into cleaning you plate and being happy about it. now we know better, but we can also help others, without sending them our brussel sprouts and lima beans (smile). check it out and play as often as you need a distraction.


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