Friday, April 5, 2013

almost the end of the semester!

holy cow!  i can't believe that the semester is almost over...there are only about four weeks left...i have been applying to some more places - still aiming for teaching - i had two interviews at two different NY community colleges last week and an interview for a NC 4-year college next week.  we shall see what happens...if all else fails, i guess i still have my pt time...i expect to hear from the NY schools anytime, but who knows...

i have been really wound up with school and applying for jobs - so i have not been creative recently, but i have plans : )...fonda has gotten some new paper and i have plans for some fabric... i am trying to figure out if i am gonna do it all by hand or partially by machine (knowing some will have to be done by hand) - a variety of 5" blocks. 

we have many birds to the feeders (mostly sunflower seed and then some thistle and a block of suet) - cardinals, chickadee, tufted titmouse, some kind of sparrow (field?), goldfinches (only here in the winter!), mourning doves, red bellied woodpecker(s), juncos, i saw a piliated woodpecker (BIG!), i know there are some warblers around (like yellow rumped warbler)...there has been at least one opossum around - i had to re-install the squirrel guard to reduce the thieving by them.  i am sure there are more, but i have not remembered them now...we are going to have to buy more sunflower seed soon...

and we had to replace the lawn mower which stopped working in the middle of the last mowing of the season last year - i will have to start mowing soon (this weekend?) new-to-us = $60...we shall see how it works : )

and some random photos : )
me and wren march 2013

sera-toes march 2013
egret at school february 2013
moon-set photo from driveway march 2013

that is all about there has been recently - now for - Peace.

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