Monday, June 30, 2014


So...we had visitors last week - I don't want to post too many child-photos (we had a total of seven additional people here - two adults and five children, ranging in age from 16yo to 11.5 months).  That is for Momma to post if she wants, but I want to post some of the other photos I took while they were here...

First I finished a quilt-top before they got here...a disappearing 4-patch

We shall see what happens with this one...
Sera being cute - that belleh!
Franky-baby taking a break from the family to rest on a home-made cat toy-snake : )
Ms. 15.5...She was very quite on the trip, very good all-around.  Beautiful young woman!
Ms. Just Turned 14...Another beautiful young woman
Ms Eight. A sweetie and beautiful!
Mr. Six...A goof-ball par-excellence.  This guy will be a knock-out
This boy... Mr. 11.5 month - he has the most beautiful blue-eyes!
 Franklynn was a sweetie with the Mr. 11.5 month - He walked up to him and gave him a head-bonk...and he was VERY patient with this boy : )
A selfie on the ferry...I was just being stupid...But I wanted to be stupid : )

These women were feeding the gulls (on accident) the passenger was trying to feed a grackle and these guys butted in and actually bit her finger...they actually had three gulls on the roof of the car at one point.  I can't believe they didn't bite the driver's hand - she kept rolling her fingers around...

Weird, just weird.

A green moray eel in the large tank at the NC Aquarium at Fort Fisher

A turtle in the pond on the way out...there were a dozen or so sunning themselves. I was looking for the alligator, but she was not there in the sun...

A fun fish-cloud on the way home from school : )

See, he was a good boy...She (Ms. Eight) was a very patient girl, too...he was making her too warm, but she didn't know how to get him off her..I had to help.

 We had a really good time...we are happy that they came and happy that they stayed and happy that they got home safely.  We spent quite a bit of time at the beach and the girls got a chance to take a surfing lesson - they had a great time. I am still in the process of putting-back what was rearranged for them to be here...ha, ha.

Five more meetings of summer-school...Then no paycheck for two months...we shall see how this goes...I still want a full-time job...I have been applying, and applying, and applying...I changed the format of my CV, etc. and we shall see if that has any affect on the application process.  I have no idea how that might change it, but if it works, yay...Only time will tell.  Sigh.


Saturday, June 21, 2014

Seeing Equinoxes and Solstices from Space

TOO COOL!!! - I wanted to share this with you-all who choose to look : )  

Seeing Equinoxes and Solstices from Space


Monday, June 16, 2014

Yesterday and today

So, yesterday Fonda and I went out to some yard sales and other cool places...
at the first stop, we saw this car, and I thought "cool!, I gotta get a photo" and guess what? I had my camera : )
After that, we went across the river to some other places  - we went to the Castle Hayne-area and on the way, we saw this sign:  and so, we stopped, it was really a yard sale in the grassy area of a bar...there is the Honda in the middle (the only car with working A/C at this time...and it was in the 90s...A/C is a big bonus)
Last night when I was heading to bed, Franklynn decided that he could fit into the actually had the top of the catnip baggie in it...he really doesn't fit, but he thought he did : )
Then today...I *finally* got to work on/finish this quilt.  Mom made the first row of kitties (at least the backs and bodies) and I made the rest - this has been a LONG time in the making.  I just finished the borders (paper-pieced, like the backs and tails of each cat) and I think I need to add another border, because the saw-tooth border is so stretchy, I think it will be pulled weird when it is quilted...I have mixed feelings about the two different colors in the body of the quilt, but it is what I had to do...I ran out of the white-on-white I wanted to use for the main body...then I thought I would have enough for the borders...sigh...I didn't, but it worked out OK. And, if you look really closely, you will see that one of the cats is a Manx...I have *no idea* where the tail is... I will just echo the secondary color with a narrow border all around the outside...Now, I have to figure out how to quilt it...This might be a hand-quilted one - there are instruction for some of the quilting...I might follow instructions, who knows : )...More later, Peace.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Random pictures and thoughts

So, there is this store... and I thought it was weird that there was a woman riding a shrimp... I have no idea if it is a good store or not, but the sign is fun : )

This is not a good picture, but this is our 2nd most recent day lily - I got it from a school sale this year - the students do all the planting and the tending and this one is especially pretty - there is another more recent one that is supposed to be "peach" color and then there is our original lily that is a "butterpat" a pale yellow...I plan to share a chunk of it to the school-people.  They said I could pick up some milkweed at some point...and a piece of the tickseed coreopsis, too  : )

This is our hydrangea that I got in Greenville, NC as a fragment (read branch) and this is the first time it has bloomed in about 3 years!  I am so proud that I haven't managed to kill it yet : )

 This is the little boy-kitty (Bjorn/Mr. Jingles/Toby) - he is taking advantage of the coolness of a damp bird bath that we moved off of the middle the bit that sits on top of the septic tank - at the moment, the end is signified by our bird feeder and will be replaced by this stupid bird bath when we leave.  That is our garden at the end of the walk - this is taken out the back door.  To the left is our fringe tree with some purple cone flowers sharing the bucket with a few daffodils, too.

And last, but not least - this is Franklynn (our bully-boy) - he is sitting there being *very* patient waiting for supper - he was looking at Sera, who had just come in to mew at us because it is almost time for supper...

More later...Peace.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

and more garden...

 so...of course i "found" two more tomatoes - actually it is my bosses fault...she brought in some baby plants that she couldn't plant at home so now we have a total of four tomato plants...they are still not my favorite, but you would never know it by looking at my garden...and the little orange-booger on the left who likes to sit in the middle of everything...
 the beans are doing great! - can't wait to get some beans - there are 5+ plants here maybe a total of 10 plants.  i can't convince myself to "cull" there are way too many there : )
 the carrots are looking a bit sparse, but i need to cull them a bit and the add some more seeds
 the lettuce that is starting to get in the groove.
the cherry tomatoes are happy ^^^ looks like hundreds are coming on ha, ha...the other tomatoes (back right) are looking happy too, with 3+ coming on - all are green and really looking happy and will probably all become ripe at the same time.
 and then...there is this guy ^^^ (juvenile copperhead-snake) showing up under the day lily - freaked fonda out and bothered me on the second day - haven't seen him since, but i am surely going to be looking a bit closer before i put my feet down off the steps and anywhere in the garden.  i guess these guys have a reputation for striking, but not necessarily injecting venom when they strike - this guy shook his tail at me - very obvious, if you are not deaf...he was very beautiful...
 and last night sera decided to "knead" my foot/slipper and then take a nap.  the litter-box behind her is actually our recycle bin in the craft room...she is a sweet cat.

Friday, May 9, 2014

i'm a winner!!!

so...i was nominated (by me) for the "Excellence in Teaching Award (Adjunct) for 2015."  This is a peer-elected award and there was a full-time and an adjunct award.  Voting was open to all the faculty and staff to vote.  long story short...i won the adjunct award!!!!

 what i didn't know was that it came with a monetary award as well! they gave me a check for $100.00!  yay me!  I am a lucky girl!

this is my school-bestie - zenda ^^ is a good egg : )  she was awarded the excellence in teaching award (adjunct) two years ago and she is the one who got the full-time biology position this i said, i am sad that i didn't get it, but i am glad *she* did : ) 

this is ben - he is with me as being an adjunct ^^ he is a history major and is struggling, too...we will persevere because we have grit!  (per the graduation speaker).  we had fun and i got to see so many of my students graduate and getting ready to head out into the next chapter of their lives...bitter-sweet : )


Sunday, May 4, 2014

photos that go with the last post

 the fringe tree - fringing - it is done now, alas, but we did see a juvenile anole on it today : ) - it was shedding and about half the size of an adult.

the new re-blooming lily, it is red with a yellow throat - more sometime soon
 the first bloom of coreopsis this year - this i one i bought to support the students at UNC-Pembrook last year (i think it is a "mouse ear")

this is the second and third coreopsis bloom, different plant - same origin, this is a native of NC. and the flower is about 3 feet tall.

 this is our second strawberry of the season with another one coming on next to it and a third one on the other side of the plant - taken yesterday

 the "Hawaii 5.0" plant it is very compact and much more blue than it looks in the photo - very sweet plant.

our garden on 4/27/14 just after planting the cherry tomato on the left

our garden today 5/4/14 with beans in the center and right, a single nasturtium on the center, left that you really can't see yet and carrots, on the right edge, spinach closest, right holes, and lettuce on the far edge...tomatoes at rear - the cherry on the right and the "regular" on the left.  The diagonal line is the shadow of an overhead line.

two and a half baby bean-plants : )  showing the "seed-leaves" or cotyledons (the part we eat when we eat the bean) : ) they will fall off soon because the true-leaves take over with photosynthesis...(the ones shown at the top of the photo, that look like bean-leaves)...

webster stood on my leg for quite a while to get these foot print impressions!

the sunset across the highway on friday, 5/2/14...pretty with the church steeple in the front.

franklynn taking a nap yesterday- if it fits, it ships : )  just kidding...we think it was a bit hot for him, but i am not 100% sure about that...

peace for now, enjoy the pictures : )

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