Monday, March 16, 2009


i have nothing more to show for my spring break...fonda said she wants to see the most recent quilt bigger...that means that we have to get more fabric...that means that we have to go to jackson-ville and also to cotton fields so we have enough to make it larger (doubling, or more??). I wanted to get it done...i have been a bit obsessive over quilts, but now i need to go back to reality and get some dissertation stuff done...sigh...i also have to take amanda to new bern to prove that she is still blind, after 29 (?) years...they need recent medical documentation and i don't know what they are going to do to prove it, but she needs to go to new bern to do it...what a waste of time and energy. poor amanda...we've got to figure out how to get her employed again, or back in school with support. more later, i guess.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

quilts...or what i did during spring break

ok...i have managed to "waste" time and started and finished 4 quilts in the last 8 days...i cannot believe it, but i have the proof attached...

this one was to show the blocks, i do not think it is a pretty as it could have been. there are 4 blocks, 6 fabrics per block and 8 fabrics one block has a color more than 1 time. (~3x4, or smaller)i wanted it to show the blocks and how they come together...could be better done...was strictly going for values (light/dark) and the colors are all nice, but it is not what i would have done otherwise.

same pattern, but more purpose-full placement of fabrics...4 blocks, 4 fabrics per block and 8 fabrics, total. (~3.5'x4.5') this one is going to go to my dad once it has been quilted...i think it may be sent near the end of the year, when i can actually quilt it myself, but we shall see what happens...i now have almost 10 quilts to be quilted and not enough money to send them to the quilter we usually use...sigh. ok, more quilts...

this one was really just an excercise that i decided to use some of the "to go" fabric (that we want to leave the house) and i just found colors that didn't bite me when i put them together...not too bad. but this is now a quilt "to go" it still doesn't strike me as a keeper. it will be donated to either a kid in foster/orphan care or to some of the wounded warriers, or a domestic care place...i have to investigate the place it will go, along with the first one on this post...this one is larger, maybe 4'X5' or a little bigger. i am thinking about doing this with some kitty print fabric that we got in february but we want to be able to see the cats more-better than if they were in a small block...the larger squares are 4.5" finished.

this is what we started on friday and i finished on sunday. no obsession here...not with any of the 4 quilts...never...this one was kind'a went together very easily and looks was done with 42 different pairs of 5" fabrics and 42 pairs of the green fabric. it will be fun to see the different fabrics that people came up with, put together...helen made hers all scrappy, with 2 different fabrics per pinwheel and a muslin (off white) and carolyn II used a green paisley for the background and a nice rose charm pack to get the other 5" squares. each of the pinwheels ends up being 8" it is ~4.5'x5.25' with the borders...we only had 1 yard, and i didn't want to use it all up on a wide border, so it will be bound (edged) with one of the fabrics in the quilt. the stripes around the edge actually are used in the quilt in 3 different pinwheels, but it is hard to figure out which ones it is, huh? smile.

ok, i think that maybe enough for now...i need to stop delaying on the damn dissertation stuff and crack down...fonda's computer should be back today or tomorrow and then the laptop will be 100% mine again and i won't have to share. i hate having to share when i want to do some work. i am killing time to post, but i promised...done. peace, out.

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