Tuesday, July 31, 2012

wow, i need to get a handle on posting again...

i am in the middle of summer-doldrums...classes start in 16(!) days and i had a job interview last thursday to start next monday...assuming that because it is tuesday and they have not called, i did not get the job. oh, well...experience, etc.  sigh. 

so i wait...

the kittens shown in the last post have all disappeared - the woman up-front (feeds the kitties) said they all disappeared one-by-one and her favorite kitty (a ~1.5yo boy named fluffy) is missing as well.  now if she will just get the momma neutered...the toms (blackie and boots, brothers) have been fighting for the attention of thump (momma) and i wonder if she has gotten pregnant again, but it has been so hot, i have only seen boots recently...he hangs out under the cars to stay cool.  and, i have not been spending too much time outside, but i will be mowing tomorrow - early, if it is not too wet.  it has been really hot (temps in the high 90s/low 100s) and with high heat indices...but i think it is only supposed to be in the high 80s or low 90s tomorrow...the grass really needs to be cut and the guy who usually dose it has not shown up for a while and i do not have a phone number for him...so it goes to me.

and wait...

our kitties have been good - spot (mom's old cat) has been having a bit of weird stuff happening - a few times we have seen her "acting drunk" and it has scared us to the point that we took her to the emergency vet - she was acting normally 45 min later and we had not gotten in to see the dr, so we went home - she was hungry and ate fine and was irritated that we kept her secluded overnight. took her to the normal vet the next morning and they cleaned her ears (dr. saw something that "might have been a tumor" or wax) - it was wax.  took some blood (all OK).  and called it "idiomatic-something" which really means that they see if often enough for it to have a name, but have no clue as to the cause...she suggested OTC Dramamine - but spot has not had an incident since then, so there we sit. franklynn has still been "chasing the kitties" and we get irritated, but really there is nothing we can do...i just try not to let him chase spot, everyone else is able to put up with him or fight him, but i guess that is a problem with a young cat (~4yo) hanging out with the old geezer cats (~13yo)...he just wants to play and the girls can't seem to figure out what to with him - webster plays for a while and then is done.

working on some quilts (finishing up one mom started) but now i need some more fabric (darn) because what we have just does not work right.  got it about 1/2 way of the machine-sewing parts done, then there are some applique parts to do (not nearly as quick an activity).  then i have some unfinished projects that i found again (sigh) and i have been making some totes for my sister meg - feed-bag totes...the totes are made of modern-day feed bags - they are woven-plastic and i have been having quite a bit of fun making them.  i keep seeing more of this kind of bag around, as does meg - she said she is sending some chicken-feed bags - i am looking forward to those - i made one for my sister elizabeth from the black oil sunflower seed-bag i had here and i will post photos soon - i need to take them first (haha).

so...that sounds like a good place to stop - i will begin the feed-bag process again and then i will photograph them before sending them back to meg and post the photos here ASAP. 

what a better way to end the summer-doldrums?


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