Tuesday, September 2, 2008

time flies/boring life

damn, i didn't know it had been so long since i posted! i have been working on guts and today is a DE day. i have more than 20 to enter and it takes so long...it is really boring work. gotta get back to work soon.

but, until then, i have been having some problems with my hips and knees...think it is because i am fat...we shall see...have a dr. appt to check things out. don't know why it would hit kinda' "out of the blue" oh well.

i am teaching this semester...so far it has been fun, but draining! i expect it to continue in this vein for the whole semester...and maybe next semester too. we shall see...there is nothing happening in my life except guts, DE and teaching....boring!

sigh. another cute picture of steve is attached...he is doing so much better with the prozac--very small dose and it seems to be making him OK with his lot in life and he is not peeing outside the box now (yay!) ok more later. peace

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