Monday, March 16, 2009


i have nothing more to show for my spring break...fonda said she wants to see the most recent quilt bigger...that means that we have to get more fabric...that means that we have to go to jackson-ville and also to cotton fields so we have enough to make it larger (doubling, or more??). I wanted to get it done...i have been a bit obsessive over quilts, but now i need to go back to reality and get some dissertation stuff done...sigh...i also have to take amanda to new bern to prove that she is still blind, after 29 (?) years...they need recent medical documentation and i don't know what they are going to do to prove it, but she needs to go to new bern to do it...what a waste of time and energy. poor amanda...we've got to figure out how to get her employed again, or back in school with support. more later, i guess.

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Joyce Spear said...

Good grief! Hasn't Amanda been through enough? I say if anyone questions her blindness, she should offer to drive them across town. I bet they'd change their tune then!

Please let Amanda know I'm sending her lots of positive energy and envisioning good things for her soon!

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