Wednesday, July 1, 2009

fire ants

i hate fire ants. that is the main purpose of this entry. my feet itch because of the stupid bitches...modified ovipositor...meanies...mowing in tall grass with only tevas for protection is nothing! but i have NO IDEA how to avoid them...i don't even see them, but they get me anyways...if i knew they were there, i would and do try to avoid them while i am mowing...what a pain in the ankle! but i am also glad that i am only wearing tevas...can you imagine what would happen if i had full shoes and socks on? i would be COVERED with them before i knew what was happening! it is a no-win situation...except for poison...we tried boiling water, with limited success...i have some poison, but i don't want to use it in our garden, what a p.i.a.

oh, and the farmer was using some kind of spray on the tobacco this morning...smelled yucky! so add insult to injury! man, i try to be good and this is the first morning that i have been up that early (~7am)...actually didn't sleep last night/ it is almost noon and time for lunch...i guess i will sleep tonight...i sure hope so.

peace...say a prayer for the damn fire ants...i hope they go away soon (without too much poison...i hate to use it)

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Joyce Spear said...

Sucks to be you!! Damn fire ants! Hope they didn't get you TOO badly... and that you're on the mend already.

Are you any closer to being "normalized" with sleep yet?

Love you lots!

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