Tuesday, September 29, 2009

what was all the hoop-la about??

so...the big day came and it went...i am now 40, but feel not much differnt. still in school, still not done, you know. everyone was nice about it and all went well. my brother was the only one to mention a hill, and he is seven years older than me, so i guess either he has room to talk, or not...i keep surprising people at school who either don't or can't believe that there might be someone still in college that is not a professor, but is this old...i guess i hang with a young crowd, and they rub off or something.

anyways...i survived and f made me a cake and we went out for dinner last night (yeah, a week late...oh, well--it was by common consent) and had a good time.

we shall see what the next year brings...peace

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