Wednesday, May 12, 2010

the post grad let down

i think it is on the same lines as post-partum...i know i have been taking my medications but i sm still a bit down. everyone has left and here we reamain. i can't seem to get back into the swing of the stupid dissertation now that i have been just hanging out. i *know* i need to get back into it, but i am finding it hard. i have begun to fill out an application to Craven Community College, they have a full-time prof position for biology...sounds good, would start in the middle of august. but i have to get it filled out and sent in and all that. it would be in new bern...about 45 min to an hr away...not too far and bigger than greenville and that much closer to the ocean...can't get my hope up too far, but it would be just to get the stuff filled out. guess that is all for now - once i get the application filled out, i guess i should just jump in...but i want to start with chapter 3 and everyone else seems to want me to start with chapter 2. i have started, but not gotten too far yet...sigh.

peace - heading for literary immortality:

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