Wednesday, June 30, 2010

20 days and counting

got feedback for 2 chapters, message out to author of an article i am using heavily and have not heard back...want to get the stuff out and done...july 19 is the deadline to get things to the grad school with minimal(?) changes can be done after that...but i wanna be *done*

i wanna quilt and knit...just learned about a cool method of knitting-in-the-round on straight needles...knitting a hat/purse has just seemed to ease up...can't wait to try it, but gotta finish the stupid dissertation first, but keeping going until december is sounding better...there *is* a class i want to take, but i don't know if i can afford (money and time) to do that, but have not heard about pitt cc and a possible job...time is running short and i need to figure something out. school would be an option and i could get more $ from the feds...delay the re-payment of the loans, etc...frustrating..sigh. it will work out as they will i just need to let things happen and keep typing/thinking about the damn paper.

peace. sigh.
feeling a bit like the one on the treadmill...from comic "Speed Bump" on June 23, 2010.

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Wendy said...

I feel your pain. There are few things more agonizing than waiting.

Hang in there, this will all be worth it someday.

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