Wednesday, July 21, 2010


i am taking a few days off from worrying about the dissertation related stuff. i have submitted everything they have asked for and now i just have to wait and see if i get an "up-thumb" or a "down-thumb" from the Powers That Be in the grad school...just hanging out and breathing and reading like a mad-woman and embroidering some antennae on some butterflies that i have been piecing for a friend-quilt...the bodies are being cheater-appliqued (read fusible + blanket stitch) on to the square and then i am going to have my friends write something (just their names or more, what ever they want) on the blank squares i have and i will be making a kind of memory quilt for the PhD-time...we shall see if i can get everyone to do it...just thinking that it would be nice to have that to remember ECU-people.

anyways...time for bed (0035) and i am ready to sleep and not get up with an alarm tomorrow (yay!).


and a comic to pass the time "cats with hands" is the name of the comic strip


wendy said...

Knock on wood-- I vote they give the thumbs up.

The quilt sounds awesome.

Anonymous said...

neadvKate, Lion Brand has a $20 book called A Touch of Yarn by Davey Hulse, a blind knitter. Available in large print and Braille Ready Format. Sounds like it may be just what you and your friend need.
I typed a reply on Futuregirl's blog but it was not posted--hope this reaches you!

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