Wednesday, December 1, 2010

back in the loop (?)

hay...and other stuff for horses (and their pals)...i was just hanging out and enjoying being out of the loop and then i realized that it is almost the end of the year. i have been feeling not so sad about this time of the year...Mom and all...this year has been different. graduating, looking for a job and life-perspective has had a bit to do with things. i still miss mom, but not as dramaticly as i have in the past. dramaticly isn't the right word, but close enough for now.

i have been looking for a job...(duh)...and i have been applying places i never thought i would go (northern IL?!), but i am still holding out hope for someplace closer to the warmer part of the atlantic ocean (read: southern). i have a cohort who will be moving to DC in january and a friend who just got a fishery job up in alaska and will be moving there in january (silly girl! [not really, she will have a great time, but...alaska?...january? - what is she thinking????}]) it my turn yet? i know it will be, and thanks to mom, i am not freaking out about $ yet (THANKS MOM!!) and i just need to get out of the house and feel productive about working, etc. i have been "subbing" or "guest lecturing" for Dr. O and Dr. R this semester and that has been fun, but i want my own class that i can make the decisions and rip my hair out because of that...i have enjoyed the experience, but i am ready to go out on my own in those terms.

Ok, enough whining.., : ) below is a picture from National Geographic that i just love!! it is a mudskipper and one of my first "favorite fish"...there have been many over the years and there will be more to come, i am sure...but enjoy the picture of this, one of my favorite fish...from Africa and they can "walk" out of the water, hence: mudskipper with cheeks bulging with water to breathe :)

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