Saturday, January 1, 2011

classes start in a week...

and i still don't have a place to stay...but i have a lead or two. i am going to contact a rental agency in holden beach and maybe i will be able to rent a vacation house for the spring. i think that the rent will quadruple after memorial day, but i am hoping that i can swing it for the semester at relatively cheap...this is not going to be a profit-making opportunity, but i am hoping this is not a loss-situation. i will be getting a lot of experience with the teaching "from scratch" there are no basic notes for the class, just that we need to go through about 25 chapters within 16-17 weeks (yikes!).

went to try to find a table today to take with me to use as a sewing table...the tables are very expensive...the five-foot table was almost $60! and then we found a six-foot table (folding-plastic) for $40, but that is too much for what i need. i will probably end up taking the three-foot-square wooden table that i was using as a desk in the middle room.

and this is near where i will be living...took the picture with fonda when we went down there last week (thursday). what fun!

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