Monday, May 2, 2011

a bit of disapointment

sigh. i received a "down-thumb" from the as-close-to-dream-job (in PA) as i have found so far...they are keeping my application active until they make the final choice/choice is accepted...but i am disapointed.

not only would this have been the close-to-dream-job...but it also would have been closer to ohio and fonda's family - we do miss them and part of me (and fonda, too) would like to be closer to them. but it is also nice to live in NC and near the beach...

ok, so i am still waiting to hear from FL and i have sent out 5 more applications, so it is just a game of sit and wait, i guess...but i am getting tired of this and would really like to be settled, but you-all have heard this old song from me before, so i will shut up now.

peace. sigh.

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