Wednesday, June 1, 2011

well, no one loves me, i guess

well, here i sit...waiting for news from all the plethra of applications i have submitted...i am waiting for up-thumb or down-thumb for the next step at Francis Marion University, but we shall see...then i need to make some kind of decision about *when* do i stop trying for this fall and just decide to go back to BCC and how do we do that (fonda, et al. moving down, or just renting again - but NOT with the old roomies) and by what date to i need to make these decisions - AND, if we make the decision to move down to brunswick, do we buy or rent? and what the heck do we do with all our *stuff*?

feeling a bit lost and like no one loves me...oh, well. it could always be worse, i guess. i just need to keep breathing...

and now for a bit of recent photos around the house...

we have some nice stinky flowers on the corners of the house - very attractive to bees - this kind and honey bees and, i think, maybe another kind of bee (and butterflies, but i haven't gotten photos yet)

a wasp has decided that one of our large snail shells makes a good place for a nest - i am not so sure...

and webster hiding in his "man-cave" (aka: my quilt into which he has burrowed)

enough for now...enjoy and peace.

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