Thursday, November 24, 2011


this is the easiest year so far...still miss mom, but not as hard this year as in the past few years. not sure why, maybe a change in home-location, maybe it is just distance-in-time. maybe it is that we have discussed plans for when we are a bit more settled and can invite the "strays" like we did with mom...we were invited to go to my dean's house, but we are staying home and having meatloaf tonight and being grateful that we are here and all seems to be going well in our world.

the semester is almost over (i can't believe it) and things are wrapping up and coming together, mostly as planned - i need to rearrange some things for next semester, but that is fine - first semester is the learning semester and then 2nd would be the refining semester - hope fully 3rd will be smoother (snile - tip'o the keyboard to mom).

hand has healed and the boy is fine - still, he wants to go outside and roll around and bully the other cats in the area...still some issues with range-of-motion with some of the more precise motions of my pinkie, but all seems to be well and progressing. typing is no longer painful, yay!

ankle is better, but not 100% - guess that happens as you get will improve, just as the hand is improving.

overall, i am happy and glad to be here/now. grateful to my sweety, without whom i think i would not have gotten this far and had as much fun; grateful for my mom, though she can no longer be with us for a meal; grateful for my mom, dad, sisters, brother, brother-in-laws, and sister(in-law) without whom i would not be the woman i am; grateful for all my friends, old and new, near and far, without whom i would not have survived to this point.

peace and love to all and safe journey through the day and your lives.

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