Friday, September 6, 2013 know...

stuff happens : ) 

my sister pointed out that it had been a long time since I had posted...I didn't realize how long! it has been since may! wow, how time flies...summer was too long, but too short.  my dad came to visit and we had a really good time.  we went to oak island and visited the light house it is a really nice light and they give free tours (donations accepted, of course) with some advance notice and all wearing close-toed shoes.

this is the oak island light (not taken that day)

this is an "arty" photos with all the clouds and a bit of rain (taken that day)
dad with my umbrella (not grey skies to the north (left of dad) - we weren't sure we would be able to go up, but it stopped raining and there was no lightning - so we were able to go...

this is a colonial tunicate (some species are called "sea squirts").  it looks like a rotten orange, but it really is an animal, I swear! haha

this is what the inside of the lighthouse looked like : )
looking up
this is the inside of the lighthouse - looking down from the second level (there is an elevator, but it is for the use of light-maintenance only, not people!)...this is as far as *I* went - I just couldn't stand stopping on the stairs - it is "ship stairs" not a spiral stair...I decided that I had gone far enough (there is a total of 127 steps, I think. I forgot the real number) bravely continued on : )
there was one other person who wimped out but we were both OK with doing so...better to say you should not go than to get to the top and say that you cannot get back down! haha

this is dad from two levels further on - peace-out dad! 
the view from the top, looking west (ocean to the left, sound to the right) (photo by dad-kleber)

the view to the east, the mouth of the cape fear river - looking at bald head island and out into the Atlantic ocean beyond (photo by dad-kleber)

and dad (from the ground) looking down : ) 
we really had a good time doing this and I can't wait for my sister and her son to come and let me try again : ) - I may still wimp-out, but I will try again!

OK - enough for now - more later : ) enjoy the pictures

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