Tuesday, July 21, 2015


Life is moving on...

I got the full-time, 9-month job at Brunswick Community College.  I will be teaching similar classes to what I have been teaching for the last 4.5 years.  I will be teaching 3 classes at one institution instead of 2 at one college and 1 at another for more money and benefits! 

Along with this...we have put in an offer for a house in Shallotte (pronounced: Shall-Lote, not like the green onion).  The offer was accepted and now we just have to work on financing - We have money for the down payment (thank you Mom!) and we could afford it without working full-time, but it will be much easier with the full-time position...The house is close to the school, and very close to two different grocery stores (biking distance!...now, we just need to add some baskets to the bike so I can bring home a gallon of milk - ha, ha).

 This is a screen-shot from a listing website...It is a 3-bedroom/2-bathroom house of about 1700 square feet.  There is a huge, old live oak tree in the back yard! It is on about a half-acre of land, with woods behind it.

We are also fostering a kitten that showed up in our back yard...she is very cute and is NOT staying - we are working to reduce the number of kitties in our world!  Everyone thinks we are lying, but it is not true...and we also fostered a boy a few months ago and he is now in someone elses house :)

We have named her Pippi Longstockings (see the photo, above for the stripy leggings)

She is very cute and will make someone an absolutely fabulous girl...she *SO* wants a kitty-friend and she is fearless! 

She has a little spotty belly and is just cute.

These photos were taken when she had only been here for about 3 or 4 days...She is about 8 weeks old in these photos.  She now follows me to the bathroom and wants to hang out with us.  Our kitties Do. Not. Like. Her!  We are working with an agency called Adopt An Angel in Wilmington, NC and she goes for her spay on Friday (she will be about 10 weeks old then).  After her spay, she will probably go to the adoption-place (PetCo) next-week Wednesday or so.  We are going to help pay for the spay and then they can use the adoption money ($55.00) for other kitties.  She is (hopefully) the last kitty we will be fostering...This new house will not really have a place for us to isolate someone...

I wish we could save them all, but the ones we help are one more that will not be contributing to future overpopulation issues.  We will continue to support the local groups (including the Fix A Friend spay and neuter clinic in the area).  They did more than 130 spay/neuter surgeries last week - both dogs and cats! They are amazing, we are hoping that some day they will be out of business (because they have done all the spays/neuters that they can, not any other reason)...

I will post more photos (kitty and house) when I get a chance/get some...


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rush said...

We have been three-times blessed: 1) On 6/26/2015 due to the Marriage Equality Act, our North Carolina marriage (10/13/2014) is recognized everywhere. 2) My wonderful wife, Katie, got the full-time teaching job she has been hoping for, and 3) We are going to buy a house.

It can't get any better than this! We are truly blessed.

Love you, sweetheart! {nudge, nudge...that's you, Katie!}

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