Tuesday, June 28, 2016

...and then there were 9...

The grandkids are visiting.  In reality, there are five kids and two additional adults...Added to our seven cats and two adults, there is a bit of chaos happening here...

The children range from age 2.9 years to 16.01 years...four out of the five are biological children of Fonda's daughter.  One is a family friend that is basically a 9th child for them.  The oldest four did not come down this time.  

They have been here for nine days and will be leaving in three...We are having a (mostly) good time - there is some drama/trauma because things are Not Normal, but things are not normal and will not return to normal until everyone is in their own space again...and even then, it will take more time.  It is amazing how much seven additional people eat and make a mess...

The 16yo has been very insistent about going for a drive (with her driving, of course) - to the point where she will pass up playing with the family to go out and drive...

first day:

We went to Ocean Isle Beach and it was an absolutely gorgeous day!  Kids got soaked and Mom and Dad had a good time, too.

The baby got soaked and then the decided that he was fine without his swim trunks - I love his hair!

This is Miss. 16 with her baby brother looking out at the waves.  Very sweet.

Day two: a "aerial" course that ranged from "baby" to "military" 

The photo is from after - the baby did not go on the ropes - it was for 4+

I didn't go on the ropes because I am a) too fat; and b) too fond of my own parts - ha, ha!

After dinner, we went out to the Fuzzy Peach (frozen yogurt) - we had a good time! 

 Day something: BINGO with Grandmas!

Yesterday: Playing in the sprinkler - these are the middle three...

Now the youngest four...

Tomorrow they are going to the Medieval/Pirate Show and dinner (without us - can't see spending $40 per adult and though, so we will stay home and eat leftovers) - I really hope they have a good time!  And come back and tell us all about it - I think they will enjoy it, I do not think we would. 

OK - enough for now - more later - maybe after the kids go home - ha, ha!!

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rush said...

Luckily, the weather has been fairly cooperative. There's plenty of time to go to the new park where we live.

We grabbed my daughter and ducked out for thrifting one afternoon for about 1 1/2 hours. She found a NIP brand name coffee grinder, I think it was.

We had a girls birthday luncheon a few days ago and went out thrifting afterward. Oldest attending girl child had her 16th birthday. We got 3 desserts for the 4 of us to share! Death by Chocolate was a hit!

One day, daughter, son-in-law, youngest girl, baby boy and the two of us went on a day trip to IKEA. What an exciting place to visit. We went with a purpose: to buy the Billy bookshelves for our dining-room-turned-library. Shipping would have been $350! So, with the long van the family rented for their trip, we brought them home from IKEA. We spent a pretty penny, but it was just a little more than we made from our yard sale a month or two ago. Soon, we will be working on that room to get it just right!

16 year-old is taking surfing lessons. She's finally getting able to stand up. It's too bad she can't spend more time doing that. She's having a great time.

It's kind of difficult to entertain all of the age groups at one time, I have seen. But, the 16 year-old minds the baby and doesn't seem to mind. The others are closer in age and still like to play at playgrounds. It all works out.

All-in-all, we're having a great time visiting and doing some things with the visitors as they go out and about. Frozen desserts is an on-going theme, out and at home. It certainly will be quiet when they leave!

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