Saturday, August 14, 2010

follow up to purses

purses were fleted...started out at 14" wide by 11" tall and the yellow strap was 27" long. the green strap was 24" long...ended up 5.5" tall by ~10" wide and the straps were yellow = 34" and green = 27"...i have no idea how the straps became *longer*. i am trying again and working to make it end up ~10X10"...means 14X20" inches before felting!

playing with the purses yielded (f asked me not to show her pic - so i will respect that (besides she was not really smiling), but the strap is much longer):


The purple hats were fun and here they are in use:

and one more to show the pom-pom (a cousin of which can be seen in the "fun" pictures of the felted purses):


futuregirl said...

Could you have a cuter smile?! It's totally strange that the purse handles got longer. Can not explain that weirdness! I love the stripes, though. xoxo!

Joyce Spear said...

OMG! I love your hats and purses! The pictures gave me [more than] a big smile... gosh, I miss having you around! The purse hat is just TOO much!! And the antlers... ROFL

They say it's your birthday {guitar riff}, Happy Birthday to ya {more guitar riff}. Wait, maybe you're too young to remember The Beatles!

Love ya,

the fish girl

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