Tuesday, August 10, 2010

now what? quilting and knitting, oh MY

well...i said i was going to show my stuff here when i got going...alice from poked me and said she had not seen my stuff yet...made me take phots of the cool way she showed me to make bags and hats - she was trying to find a nice way to make a flat scarf for her sweety - and this "double knit" idea just made sense and is *so much better* than trying to stitch one end closed after you are done (PIA!) so...i have made 2 hats so far:

with pom-poms on the one the right (girlfriend thought 2 poms would be nice) and the one on the left doesn't have the pom-pom yet...just bring the two "ends" to the center and then catch the center and voila:

like i said, i still need to add the pom-pom.

so, i also was thinking this method would make a great purse (felted)...so (pre-felted and in progress):

they will be the same but opposite and g-friend wants to put a fabric liner in them once they are felted. making two is because the first ever felted purse i made was for my sister in CA (it was an experiment) and the next one i made was better and then she said she wanted one for a friend and then she said she liked that one better and didn't want to give it to her friend, but she did. this time she will have a choice between the two and she can choose the one she like better and pass on the other to her friend and they will be the same but different. one problem i had with the purses is that they tended to flare out at the top...i am hoping that the ribbing at the top will help with this problem

...we shall see when i finish the other one and get to felting...

now...about the quilting...i made one full quilt top last week and made some borders for a quilt i posted about a while ago "spicy dish" but i will post pictures of these later as i have not yet taken any of these...man, i love this "down time," but i need a job to keep my sanity/days straight.

peace for now!

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