Tuesday, August 2, 2011


wow, i do not like packing things to move to other places...and it just seems to never end...you know..."oh, don't forget to pack...(some thing you will not be able to fit into the car and you NEED on the other end)" and all that stuff...and then the cost to the movers (yeah, we are using movers, can't see me and fonda unloading the truck at the other end by ourselves) and the costs of the deposits and all that jazz to hook up things on the other end before we get the deposits back on this end...jez-e-cow! and then the cost to drug the kitties before we drag them 2.5 hrs and submit them to crazyness on the other end...wish we could make it easier for them...

and THEN...fonda wants to have a yard sale (which i love by the way (NOT!))...it will be good and may pay for cleaning the carpeting in two rooms and maybe pay the woman who has been cleaning for us (yes, we have someone clean the kitchen/floor/bathrooms - and i am VERY happy for this) - and she is coming to do a full clean of the house after all is moved out, YAY! but the people down here are CRAZY about yard sales - they gear up at like, 6am to start the tour - CRAZY! gotta remember to post "no early birds" but it will not stop them, i know it! sigh.

all i wanna do is teach, and this is crazy...but long-distance is crazier - besides the $$ for rent @ two places and the "fun" of roomies...sigh...(oh, and i have ALREADY heard from my "favorite" student, who will be in my 112 class - oh, joy - classes do not start for another 17 days and she emailed me a week ago or so - eye roll).

"...and all shall be well..." and "that which does not kill me only makes me stronger" (though sometimes it would be nice to have it kill you - smile).

peace for now - sleep and then dr. appts and errands tomorrow then MORE PACKING!!! yay! (not!) peace. enjoy the cat (franklynn) video... :)

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Lori R. said...

Franklin seems to be making the best of the situation. Except for the black nose, he looks an awful lot like Cassie!

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