Friday, August 19, 2011 we are

in leland, nc. f hates the house (because of issues, not space) and i like the house, even if there are issues (leak @ kitchen sink, tub and toilet in craft-area to name just the beginning of the list)...we have had such trauma getting settled here for some of the things - let alone the stealing of a box (150) of checks out of our new mailbox and someone having a good time spending our money with them...we have been here just over one week and just yesterday got internet access at the house (YAY!) and a phone (mixed). boxes are not where we wanted - things are scattered around the house, but all seems to have made it here in one piece. the cats are here and fonda and i are figuring out where things are, physically - we haven't ventured into Wilmington yet, but that is only a matter of time.

the movers were sneaky and ended up charging us almost twice what they had quoted - bass-turds. anyways - we lived through the experience and if you ever need to move get a "not to exceed" quote rather than an oral quote just to save yourself a bit of shock and anger - and the guys said they want us to give them another chance when we move out of here, yeah, right. that is not going to happen - i tell you this now - they will never get another chance to dick us over. the helpers were great, but the boss sucked - bud brooks - wanted fonda to sign for a brochure he never had for us (which explained the difference between the move he did for us and the "not to exceed" move) and said "my business card could be the brochure" and i just wanted to smack him. anyways - we are settling in and working out what goes where and moving a box 5+ times and still, we have "too much" room here - not that *i* am complaining (smile) - i am happy to have too much room, but i would like a bit more storage space in the kitchen and maybe some rods and/or doors on the closets...not that i am complaining (much)...

anyways - classes started on wednesday and i have "miss thing" in my class again - if i don't kick her butt by the end of the semester, i should get a metal. classes are PACKED not enough $$ to pay a teacher and allow another section to be opened, so...i have 34 students in a class that is supposed to have 32 (not too bad, unless they all stay until the end of the semester). i am teaching 3 classes and therefore have a total of about 65 students in BIO 111 and 16 students in BIO 112 - multiply that by four exams and one paper and 10 labs and 10 quizes per class and you begin to see what i am going to be doing this semester. i will live and i will (mostly) enjoy it and it is a great place to be (my co-workers are awesome). i have to keep in mind that this is a good/safe place to be teaching and learning the ropes.

ok - today is fonda's birthday and i am going to go and help her with her room so she can get some crafting done soon.


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