Wednesday, April 25, 2012

end of the semester soon

semester ends in:
2 thrusdays.
2 mondays,
1 tuesday, and
1 wednesday
...what am i going to do with myself then? no clue. 

we are wrapping up the topics - i am behind by about a chapter for bio112...bio111 is 100% on-time for me - i would have liked to have an extra week, but i really want them to have a chance to present the topics they have been researching...i am tired...can't wait for a break, but i am going to miss the gang : )

still waiting to hear from the most recent temptation of FT work - sounds like a perfect fit/job...maybe i am coming across too strong about the fun i would have for the job...and maybe i need more "trench" work before i can get my "dream job"...this has been a lesson in patience - i have never really had to interview formally for a position and this has been a challenge and i am feeling some extremes of highs and lows with each contact...i am trying to breathe through it, but it has been a challenge...i know it will happen, i just do not know how long i want to (can, monetarily) wait...


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