Friday, April 13, 2012

wow! can't believe the semester is almost over...

i cannot believe the semester is almost over! soon to the release of summer - that may not be all that relaxing...i am still stressing over finding a job - applying, but not hearing anything - just need to be patient things will happen as they need to happen. and *if* i get offered a FT job, then we need to worry about moving! (yikes, it will not be easy, huh?)...

anyways - thinking about summer
 *travel to CO for my niece's graduation (ticket is booked and i am getting excited and ready to go) - i will be staying at my sister's house (probably in dad's motor home [smile]) and patting some horses and goats, including three new baby-goats born last night - they are cute! and i will be seeing my nephew and other niece and dad and both sisters and my sister-in-law (brother is not coming)...should be fun and not too stressful (i hope [smile])
 *travel to OH for visiting in-laws and catching up with friends in the area - plus probably bringing back one granddaughter (she turned 13 this winter and we made a promise to the kids that they could come and visit after they turned 13) we have had one so far, the grandson didn't want to travel that far, oh well. 
 *quilting (i am working on a gift right now) always
 *working on cards and other forms of art
 *watching too much TV
 *watching the grass grow
 *watching some of my plants grow (the fringe tree "fringed" [flowered] again this year and it smells good, and the hydrangea is growing well among some others)
 *mowing the grass (maybe)
 *working out at the gym - because i need to do that (sigh)
 *twiddling my thumbs and waiting for the school-year to start again
 *oh, and working on the NSF-ADVANCE grant newsletter, website, etc. for women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) sciences. - This has been a neat program and it will probably prove to take more time than i expect and i also plan to take the information to the next job...and maybe try to become a member of the consortium at a new job to try to continue to promote women in STEM disciplines. 

so...maybe the summer will not be as boring as i think, but i still think i will be chomping at the bit for classes to start again in August...i have finished two quilt tops, one runner top and will post photos later - and of course i am working on the graduation gift for my niece that will be posted after she gets it : )

oh, and i want to leave you with a photo of sera (the *big-girl* kitty) and *happy Friday the 13th!*

(the final one is sideways, of course...)

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