Thursday, November 8, 2012

it is getting to be that time of the year...

it is coming up to thanksgiving again...guess this happens every year, huh?  waiting for the OSU-Michigan game, too...six years ago mom died.  it *is* getting easier, but still sad...and trying to figure out some new traditions.  this year will be home and hanging - gonna have two sets of exams to grade, but it will be low-stress and the movie The Life of Pi is coming out on that wednesday. sounds like a plan to go and see some movies and then come back and grade - just going to have to get through all the B.S. surrounding thursday and friday.

classes are crazy - i am further behind than i have been in the will happen, too.  i will be teaching three classes next semester - i hope to be better at timing - i will have two 112 and one of the 112 and the 111 are 4-days a week 1.5 hrs/day = sweet!  i am hoping that we can increase the numbers of labs, etc.

i am *still* applying for jobs...and still breathing through the process...some are more-easy to apply to, some are are real pain in the fanny.

Peace for now. 

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Joyce Spear said...

Glad to see an update! Sending lots of love, Joyce

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