Wednesday, November 14, 2012


one of the guys i work with just got a FT job.  i am frustrated...i am applying EVERYWHERE that it fits and still...nothing.  i guess he applied to the same school 4 times and 4 is the charm...sigh.

i am not giving up, but i am feeling discouraged. 

on the other hand, i am still really LOVING my job. i just wish i could have the more security of FT (including the ability to get a flu shot for less than $30).  i am having a good time getting the information to/from my students and seeing that they are learning and also enjoying the process of learning.  we did a DNA-thing that included twizzlers and marshmallows : )...also, we were able to "see our DNA."  This is one of my favorite labs of the semester.  and we are winding down for the semester.  i know i need more labs and i need to think about getting this stuff on-line.  the dean would love to have it 100% on-line...i am not 100% sure that would be possible, but i think we could probably work something out...i guess that is a goal i need to do ASAP.

ok...finished with the frustration of the day...not as frustrated as i was yesterday, because i talked to the guy who got the is also not a job for which i would have applied (anatomy and physiology) will all be good.  i know it deep down, i just am READY NOW!  ok.  breathe...

done for now - more later and more fun.

this makes me laugh...i love beaker : )

peace : )

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Joyce Spear said...

I sure can see where that'd be frustrating! At least he didn't take a job you'd be suited for. Have faith, your time WILL come!


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