Monday, June 16, 2014

Yesterday and today

So, yesterday Fonda and I went out to some yard sales and other cool places...
at the first stop, we saw this car, and I thought "cool!, I gotta get a photo" and guess what? I had my camera : )
After that, we went across the river to some other places  - we went to the Castle Hayne-area and on the way, we saw this sign:  and so, we stopped, it was really a yard sale in the grassy area of a bar...there is the Honda in the middle (the only car with working A/C at this time...and it was in the 90s...A/C is a big bonus)
Last night when I was heading to bed, Franklynn decided that he could fit into the actually had the top of the catnip baggie in it...he really doesn't fit, but he thought he did : )
Then today...I *finally* got to work on/finish this quilt.  Mom made the first row of kitties (at least the backs and bodies) and I made the rest - this has been a LONG time in the making.  I just finished the borders (paper-pieced, like the backs and tails of each cat) and I think I need to add another border, because the saw-tooth border is so stretchy, I think it will be pulled weird when it is quilted...I have mixed feelings about the two different colors in the body of the quilt, but it is what I had to do...I ran out of the white-on-white I wanted to use for the main body...then I thought I would have enough for the borders...sigh...I didn't, but it worked out OK. And, if you look really closely, you will see that one of the cats is a Manx...I have *no idea* where the tail is... I will just echo the secondary color with a narrow border all around the outside...Now, I have to figure out how to quilt it...This might be a hand-quilted one - there are instruction for some of the quilting...I might follow instructions, who knows : )...More later, Peace.

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