Monday, June 9, 2014

Random pictures and thoughts

So, there is this store... and I thought it was weird that there was a woman riding a shrimp... I have no idea if it is a good store or not, but the sign is fun : )

This is not a good picture, but this is our 2nd most recent day lily - I got it from a school sale this year - the students do all the planting and the tending and this one is especially pretty - there is another more recent one that is supposed to be "peach" color and then there is our original lily that is a "butterpat" a pale yellow...I plan to share a chunk of it to the school-people.  They said I could pick up some milkweed at some point...and a piece of the tickseed coreopsis, too  : )

This is our hydrangea that I got in Greenville, NC as a fragment (read branch) and this is the first time it has bloomed in about 3 years!  I am so proud that I haven't managed to kill it yet : )

 This is the little boy-kitty (Bjorn/Mr. Jingles/Toby) - he is taking advantage of the coolness of a damp bird bath that we moved off of the middle the bit that sits on top of the septic tank - at the moment, the end is signified by our bird feeder and will be replaced by this stupid bird bath when we leave.  That is our garden at the end of the walk - this is taken out the back door.  To the left is our fringe tree with some purple cone flowers sharing the bucket with a few daffodils, too.

And last, but not least - this is Franklynn (our bully-boy) - he is sitting there being *very* patient waiting for supper - he was looking at Sera, who had just come in to mew at us because it is almost time for supper...

More later...Peace.

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rush said...

I love seeing little-boy in the bird bath. He is just too darn cute!

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